Camera Pipe Inspection

Recurring Problems? Get a Camera Pipe Inspection to uncover why!

Pipe Camera Inspection
Recurring Problems? Get a Pipe Camera Inspection to find out why! Call Ecojet in Limerick on 1800 400 700

If you are having on going issues with your waste water system it may be useful to have a CCTV Inspection/Camera Pipe Inspection of the condition your pipework. 

The inspection can be carried out immediately after a blockage is cleared in the system. Our trained Drain Technicians can show you on screen any findings from the inspection.. A report can also be provided on request.

We aim to pinpoint any defects that may be the cause of your problems.

These may have arisen over time, where the condition of your pipe-work can deteriorate. This often happens in areas where vehicular traffic is passing over the pipes. These issues are usually structural issues and we can advise on the necessary repairs that will need to be carried out.

They problem may also be caused by activities being carried out on-site, for example,  following construction work being carried out where debris has entered the system and solidified or in the case of newly installed lines the failure to remove snag points in the system.

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