CCTV Drain Survey

Why choose an Ecojet CCTV Drain Survey?

We operate a Pearpoint P350 Mainline Camera Unit in a bespoke factory fitted Pipeline CCTV Drain Survey & Inspection Unit. The unit can easily handle complete site surveys and boasts a 250 CCTV Drain Survey & Inspection Unit Frontmeter reel on the mainline cable drum. Whether you have a pre-adoption survey requirement or system integrity survey requirement under your IPPC License, we can help!

Designed to provide a complete on-site CCTV Drain Survey & Inspection solution, the unit provides fast, efficient and high quality recordings of underground services. The unit has the ability to produce Wincan V8 reports and can provide recordings immediately if required.

We have invested significantly over the past 5 years to provide our customers with the best technology to meet their needs. Call us today on 1800 400 700 for a quotation!

CCTV Drain Survey & Inspection Unit CCTV Drain Survey & Inspection Unit Rear