Drain Cleaning

Need drain cleaning?

If you need your drains cleaned or cleared we can help! Simply call us on 1800 400 700 to arrange for one of our Drain Technicians to call-out and carry out some drain cleaning for you!

Our trained technicians have a significant amount of experience in drain cleaning and can resolve the majority of blockages within 1 hour!

What causes blocked drains & pipes?

Blockages occur for a number of different reasons, some of which include:

  • Excess toilet paper use clogging the line.
  • Items which should not be flushed such as wet wipes and sanitary towels getting stuck on snag points in the pipe-work.
  • A build up of fats oil and grease in the pipes restricting the flow in the line.
  • A break or collapse in the line.
  • A foreign object such as a Child’s Toy or Cutlery getting caught in a bend or connection.
  • Roots may have entered your pipe-work and are preventing the flow in the line.
  • If you have a septic tank it could mean that you need your septic tank emptied! Remember to check your septic tank before calling as this will avoid an unnecessary call-out.

Some Tips to Prevent Blockages from Happening:

  • It is not surprising to know that blockages can often be caused by what goes down the toilet or drains. It is advisable to avoid putting wet wipes, blue paper, and sanitary towels down the toilet.
  • In the kitchen it is advisable to divert as much food waste, fats, oils and grease from going down the drain as these build up in the pipe restricting the flow causing slow running drains and eventually will result in a complete blockage!
  • If you have recurring drain problems it would be advisable to have the pipe-work inspected by CCTV to investigate the root cause. Click Here for more information regarding CCTV Inspections.

Some helpful tips for when you have a blockage:

  • Do not add water to the problem; most blockages are cleared using high pressure water jetting to break up the blockage and not a volume of water.
  • Avoid using acids or industrial drain products on the drain as they may corrode/melt the pipe resulting in a more costly repair.
  • Avoid contact with waste water. All our drain technicians are vaccinated and appropriately equipped to protect against water-borne diseases.
  • If you try to clear the blockage using sewer rods ensure they are securely fastened. It is not uncommon for rods to become detached in the line and add to the problem.